How To Save On A Funeral

Secrets Never Revealed To The Public:

Stop accepting what a funeral home has to offer you and learn how to save money. Funerals tend to be the tradition here in the United States. Some people choose cremation because of lack of funds or the body may be dismembered, or decayed. There are more reasons for choosing cremation, but those are the reasons that I find that most people have cremations done. If it is because of lack of funds, there are many ways to save money on a funeral.

MW-BU679_funera_MG_20140214094838I had a horrific experience dealing with a funeral home during the time of my Dad’s passing. When I learned the rules of the funeral industry and became educated, not only did I save thousands of dollars, I found out that these were not secrets that the public knew about. You no longer have to accept what the funeral home tells you, you have options, but it is best to be prepared before you have to call them!

Stop Throwing Your Hard Earned Dollars In The Trash:

Stop Throwing Away Your Hard Earned CashWhy are you throwing away your hard earned cash? Well after researching this question thoroughly, I found the reasons listed below to be the cause.

1. There isn’t much information anywhere on how to save money on a funeral.
2. Most of us are not prepared when someone passes away, because we have not done any pre-planning
3 .Funeral arrangements are a dreaded subject, which works in behalf of the funeral home because we are not prepared and are usually in grief at the time that we speak with them.
4. We don’t know the rules that funeral homes are supposed to follow which means we can be taken advantage of without even knowing it. (In most cases the family member actually thinks that the funeral home has helped them and recommend their services!)
5. A lot of heartless funeral directors will tell you that you want the best for your family member: NEWS FLASH—- that doesn’t mean buying unnecessary and useless things that are lavishly over priced.

How To Save Thousands On A Funeral
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DON’T YOU EVER FALL PREY TO AN UNETHICAL FUNERAL DIRECTOR! With thousands of deaths happening daily, how many people do you think could use this information? Most of us don’t realize the options that we have. Today is a new day and it’s TIME TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. After my experience, I vowed to never let it happen to anybody else. What I really would like for you to realize, is that you have choices. You don’t have to accept what they give you. Chances are if you don’t educate yourself now, then you will pay for it later. I want you to remember this equation:


Don’t let them get you into debt! A MAJOR PROBLEM in America is that Americans are not educating themselves on how to save money, nor are they willing to discuss the subject.

I’m telling you right now, don’t make the same mistake I did. Although I had a happy ending because of my connections and some of the people I knew, you may not be as lucky as I was. Not saying that you may have the same horrifying experience I did, I pray that you don’t. It is possible that you can be taken advantage of in the funeral industry without even knowing, if you don’t educate yourself on knowing what the rules are. Some of us don’t even know whether or not we are dealing with an ethical funeral home or funeral director.